Outlet 344 Menu

While some menu items may not include specific allergens as ingredients, all our food is made in a facility that contains allergens. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee there are no allergens in the food and beverages served from outlet menus. To view the allergen notice, click here.


Crisps - Smiths

Crisps - Smiths (Original, Salt & Vinegar)

Chocolate Bars

Cadbury Chocolate Bars - (Dairy Milk, Cherry Ripe, Twirl)

Bagged Lollies

Bagged Lollies (Party Mix, Snakes)

Ice Creams

Ice Creams - Peters (Maxibon, Drumstick Vanilla, Milo Cup)

Icy Pole

Icy Pole - (Frosty Fruit)


Wrap (Vegetarian)


Sandwich (Ham, Chicken)


Sushi (Chicken, Veg)

Salad Pack

Salad Pack (Chicken, Vegetarian)

Fruit Salad (LG)

Fruit Salad Pack

Four'n Twenty Pie
King-Sized Sausage Roll
Gluten Free Meat Pie (GF)

Gluten Free Pie - Heaven's Bakehouse

Vegetarian Pastie (V)
Chunky Angus Beef Pie
Hot Chips

Hot Chips - Regular

Fish and Chips
Chicken and Chips
Hot Dog
Hot Jam Donuts (V)

Hot Jam Donuts - Big Lou's Donuts (2 per serve)

Kids Combo

Popcorn Chicken, Chips & Water

Soft Drink

Soft Drink 600ml (Coke, No Sugar, Diet, Lift, Sprite, Fanta)

Mount Franklin Water

Mount Franklin Water 600ml

Powerade 600ml (Mountain Blast, Berry Ice)
Juice 350ml (Orange Juice, Apple Cloud)


Naming Partner

Stadium Partners

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