The Australian Football League (AFL) acknowledges that health and safety (H&S) is a critical component of its business and management activities. The AFL recognises its H&S responsibilities under applicable State and Commonwealth legislation, regulations, and codes of practice. Through its Safety Management System, the AFL will establish systems of work and define the responsibilities of its leaders and team members in relation to H&S.

To maintain a safe and healthy workplace and meet its H&S responsibilities, the AFL will:

  • Provide and maintain a Safety Management System to assist in managing systems of work and H&S responsibilities;
  • Measure and evaluate H&S performance by regular monitoring audits and inspections of compliance with AFL policies, procedures, and legal requirements;
  • Set and evaluate H&S objectives and targets as part of an overall H&S improvement program;
  • Ensure the reporting and investigation of injuries, illnesses and incidents are conducted through a consultative approach to prevent recurrence;
  • Deliver initiatives that contribute to a safer and improved working environment;
  • Seek to develop new and enhanced programs and procedures to continuously improve the H&S Management System;
  • Provide appropriate information, instructions, training, and supervision on systems of work for all leaders, team members, contractors, visitors, and volunteers so they are able to perform their roles in a responsible and safe manner;
  • Provide safe systems of work, developed in consultation with team members, considering the hazards identified, risks assessed, and effective control of those risks;
  • Ensure its facilities operate to the highest H&S standards to protect team members, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and the public.

The AFL requires all leaders, team members, contractors, visitors, and volunteers to take a proactive approach to the identification and management of risks and hazards within the AFL work environment.

Taking a “proactive approach” in relation to H&S includes:

  • Participating and contributing to the decision-making process on H&S matters;
  • Taking reasonable care for their own H&S and the H&S of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  • Using any equipment provided to protect their health and safety while at work;
  • Understanding the AFL’s emergency procedures and drills;
  • Obeying any reasonable instruction aimed at protecting H&S while at work;
  • Reporting and recording hazards, incidents, accidents, investigations, injuries, and illnesses.

All leaders, team members, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and other authorised personnel on AFL premises will be required to co-operate with the AFL in carrying out this H& S Policy and must ensure that their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out without risks to themselves or others.

This H&S Policy will be displayed prominently around the workplace and will be brought to the attention of all on-site.

Reporting a Health and Safety Issue
Please report any unsafe conditions or actions, or incidents and injuries by notifying a Marvel Stadium Customer Service Team Member, Marvel Stadium security guard or a Police Officer.

You can also report a hazard by phoning 8625 7239 (24 hours/seven days), 03 8625 7700 (event days only), or sending an email to

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