Our expert bartenders have curated a premium beverage experience in an atmosphere unlike any other. Whether you are running in for a beverage at quarter time, or catching up with mates and watching the game inside, The Johnnie Walker Bar is the place to go.

If you a whisky professional, you can sit back and delve into your beverage while watching events on the arena. Explore the Johnnie Walker family including Johnnie Walker Black Label, Gold Label, Green Label and Blue Label in one of Melbourne’s most vibrant spaces. There are plenty of mixed beverages (RTDs) and spirits options available on site. 

For more information, visit The Johnnie Walker Bar

While some menu items may not include specific allergens as ingredients, all our food is made in a facility that contains allergens. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee there are no allergens in the food and beverages served from outlet menus.
To view the allergen notice, click here.

*The beverage offering is subject to availability in the bar.


Carlton Draught
Carlton Draught Schooner
Great Northern Super Crisp
Great Northern Super Crisp Schooner
GOAT Lager

Goat Lager Schooner

Balter XPA
Balter XPA Schooner
Pirate Life South Coast Pale Ale 4.4%

Pirate Life South Coast Pale Ale 4.4% Schooner


Peroni Schooner

Asahi Super Dry
Asahi Super Dry Schooner
Pirate Life Point Nine
Pirate Life Point Nine Can
O'Brien Gluten Free Beer (GF)
O'Brien Gluten Free Beer Can
Somersby Apple Cider
Smirnoff Ice Red Vodka
Johnnie Walker Red & Cola
Gordon's Gin & Tonic
Gordon's Premium Pink Gin & Tonic
Tanqueray London Dry Gin & Tonic
Bulleit Bourbon & Cola
Bundaberg Rum & Cola
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Bundaberg Lemon Lime & Bitters
Bundaberg Lemon Squash
Pimm's Lemonade and Ginger Ale
Smirnoff Lime Seltzer
Smirnoff Passionfruit Seltzer
Smirnoff Mango Seltzer
Smirnoff Mixed Berries Seltzer
821 South Sauvignon Blanc
821 South Sauvignon Blanc Glass
Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc
Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc Glass
Penfold's 'Autumn' Riesling

Penfold's 'Autumn' Riesling Glass

St Huberts 'Stag' Chardonnay

St Huberts 'Stag' Chardonnary Glass

Seppelt the Great Entertainer Prosecco
Seppelt the Great Entertainer Prosecco Glass
Seppelt 'Drives' Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Seppelt 'Drives' Chardonnay Pinot Noir Glass

T'Gallant Prosecco
T'Gallant Prosecco Glass
Wolf Blass Makers Project Shiraz Grenache
Makers Project Shiraz Grenache Glass
Squealing Pig Rose
Squealing Pig Rose Glass
Seppelt 'Drives' Shiraz

Seppelt 'Drives' Shiraz Glass

St Hubert's 'Stag' Pinot Noir

St Huberts 'Stag' Pinot Noir Glass


Smirnoff (30ml)

Ketel One

Ketel One (30ml)


Ciroc (30ml)

Gordon's London Dry

Gordon's London Dry (30ml)

Gordon's Premium Pink

Gordon's Premium Pink (30ml)

Tanqueray London Dry

Tanqueray London Dry (30ml)


Aviation (30ml)

Tanqueray No. Ten

Tanqueray No. Ten (30ml)

Bundaberg Original

Bundaberg Original (30ml)

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (30ml)

Reeftip Spiced Rum

Reeftip Spiced Rum (30ml)

Johnnie Walker Red Label
Blended Scotch Whisky (30ml)
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Blended Scotch Whisky (30ml)
Johnnie Walker Green Label
Blended Scotch Whisky (30ml)
Johnnie Walker Gold Label
Blended Scotch Whisky (30ml)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Blended Scotch Whisky (30ml)
Singleton Malt Master
Single Malt Whisky (30ml)
Talisker 10YO
Single Malt Whisky (30ml)
Oban 14YO
Single Malt Whisky (30ml)
Lagavulin 16YO
Single Malt Whisky (30ml)
Bourbon (30ml)
Post Mix Soft Drink
Post Mix Soft Drink 425ml - Various Flavours

Juice - Various Flavours

Mount Franklin Water
Red Rock Deli Crisps

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