While some menu items may not include specific allergens as ingredients, all our food is made in a facility that contains allergens. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee there are no allergens in the food and beverages served from outlet menus. To view the allergen notice, click here.

*The beverage offering is subject to availability in the bar (18+). 


Boneless Gami Fried Chicken

Mix of breast and thigh fillets with 1 dipping sauce of your choice on the side.

Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken (additional sauce - $2.00)
Gami Fried Chicken Burger
Crispy chicken thigh fillet (approx 180g) layered with apple cabbage coleslaw and Gami cheese sauce on a toasted milk bun.
Gami Chicken & Chips
1/2 mix of breast & thigh fillets on a bad of signature Gami chips, with 1 dipping sauce of your choice.
Gami Seasoned Fries
Locally grown cut potato strips coated in Gami signature batter.
Gami - Additional Sauce
Gami Soy Garlic, Gami Sweetchilli MS, Gami Honey Mustard, Gami Spicy Sauce
$2.00 each
Soft Drink
Soft Drink 600ml (Coke, No Sugar, Diet, Lift, Sprite, Fanta)
Mount Franklin Water

Mount Franklin Water 600ml

Great Northern Super Crisp
Great Northern Super Crisp Can
Asahi Soukai
Asahi Soukai Bottle

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