Smart casual is the minimum dress standard for the Medallion Club. Not withstanding the dress standards outlined, the Medallion Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered inappropriately attired.

To avoid embarrassment or inconvenience, please note the following unacceptable
clothing items:

  • Sleeveless tops (tank tops, singlet tops, football jumpers with no sleeved top underneath)
  • Rubber thongs, ugg boots or moccasins
  • Beach wear or midriff tops
  • Tracksuit pants or sports attire
  • Untidy or dirty clothing

Are you dining?

If dining in Gallery (Marvel Stadium) or Medallion Club Dining at the MCG,
in addition to the above, please note the following standards apply:

  • A collared shirt, or a smart polo, blouse or dress is the minimum accepted standard
  • Dress shoes or neat sport shoes must be worn
  • No hats or beanies

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