Friends of Fire

Prepare to be enthralled at Friends of Fire, where the magic unfolds on fire grills transforming each dish into a masterpiece. Enjoy this American-style steakhouse and grill, with a focus on Southern, New England and New York City-style food. Diners are greeted by three imposing wood-fired barbecue grills. Each grill is specifically designed for either carnivores, vegans or pescatarians. Central to the new restaurants is a celebration of diverse palates.  

Friends of Fire also features an extensive range of mainstream and craft beers as well as an imposing overhead copper tank beer offering. The venue has a seating capacity of 450 (200 standing and 250 seated).  

The unique chef’s table experience brings diners close to the action, with six to ten guests seated around the flame grill as their meals are prepared. Theatre and celebration are at the heart of the Friends of Fire philosophy.  

Bookings can be made via their website, or by phone (03) 8376 8008

Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00PM - Late
and open event days

Level 1, Stadium Square (Gates 2 & 3) Marvel Stadium 

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